From the Estate – wine, meat, flour, fruit & honey

All our wine comes from Sandridge Barton. The Estate is also home to the Tully family, who’ve been farming here for 80 years. The Tully’s herd of South Devons Cows, Britain’s largest native breed, provides our beef. We use their hay to add flavour and texture to our dishes. We have a thing for hay. Pork and lamb is reared here too. The butcher is just up the road in Galmpton. We favour cuts that others don’t.

Fresh Flour – flour, pasta & crackers

We make our bread using wheat grown by The Tullys. It’s milled up the Dart Valley in Buckfastleigh, by our friends at Fresh Flour. They also supply us with pasta and crackers, from locally grown, ancient Devon wheat varietals.

Keith the fisherman – daily catch

Fish and seafood arrives daily from Brixham, less than five miles away. Straight off Keith’s boat, the same day. No nets, Keith only uses pots and fishing lines. His catch reflects what the seasons bring to these shores.

Vegetables – the stars of the show

The local vegetables are the biggest influence on our menus. Some are hand-grown at Spindlebrook, an agro-ecological market garden just over in Modbury. We also take whatever we can get from the Husbandry School up in Bickington. They teach sustainable gardening, farming and land management, producing delicious produce in the process. The rest of our veg comes from Riverford, pioneers of organic and sustainable, just up-river. For anything else we always look for organic, but not at the expense of food miles.

Sharpham Dairy – cheese

Sharpham Dairy have been making artisan cheese for 40 years, just up the Dart Valley. They use rich milk from their own herd of cows and sheep and goats’ milk from local, trusted family farms. Their eight main cheeses are multi-award-winning, and include a coveted Supreme Cheese at the Global Cheese Awards.

Quickes – cheese

Mary Quicke MBE is the 14th generation of the Quicke family on Home Farm, just outside Exeter. Her family has been making clothbound cheese for five generations, using their experience to capture the best expression of the grass, soil and seasons.

Westcombe – charcuterie

Westcombe Charcuterie & Dairy are located in North Somerset, near Bruton. They provide us with wonderful charcuterie and dairy produce, including caerphilly and cheese curds. Charcuterie gives Westcombe the best use of its dairy herd’s bull calves. Pork comes from Gotheleney Farm.

Foraging – whatever we can

We are self-tought, experimental foragers. The estate is a gift that keeps on giving. Our first year has bought Gorse Flower, Elderflower, Pineapple Weed, Alexander (leaves, root & seeds), Wild Garlic, Pine Needles, Nettles, Sloe Berries and Hawthorn. We also forage for the plentiful Sea Herbs along the local coastline and up the Exe Estuary. We get Spruce Tips from Haldon Forest. We also buy foraged Seaweed, Wild Mushrooms and Wild Berries from a Cornish foraging company called Bello.