Yes, We Are Now Blogging!

Blog Blog BlogSo this is our first blog post….ever.

Although the past few months have been extremely challenging for us as a business, they have, in a perverse way been exciting and stimulating at the same time. There is something about having to think on your feet that makes you more creative and willing to take risks. Decisions that you may have deliberated over and over, must be made speedily and with conviction.

And if this shitty virus has taught us anything, it’s that we must find new ways to connect with our customers, hence this ramble. Adapt to survive and all that.

Since being told to shut our doors on the 20th March, we were closed for 5 months, but we kept busy. First our staff ran a non-profit meal scheme for NHS workers; cost-price meals delivered to the door. A night-off for those risking their lives on a daily basis. All the while trying to come up with a ‘game-plan’.

Our live-music bar on the first floor had to go. Extremely sad, a goodbye to some amazing nights, beautiful artists and fun times, but as Bob would say ‘the times they are a changing’.

What next? A farm shop & deli, selling ethically minded local suppliers and homemade products from the restaurant kitchen. In addition we have just launched a hamper business, selling these wonderful products and our homemade bits and bobs nationwide.

Prior to Covid we were known as a steakhouse, hopefully a good one. However with social distancing in the restaurant, we lost a third or more of our covers, so a time to reflect. We had for some while wanted to move the business into a more creative and exciting food offering. It seemed to us that Exeter, being the capital of Devon, a super-abundant county with some truly world-class producers was under-represented when it came to ‘high end’ dining. As such our menu now reflects our beliefs & personality. Yes to a tasting menu but no to all the old-school rubbish that can often come with it.

So this may be a very different landscape we find ourselves in, but we intend to see the possibilities rather than the pitfalls. Here’s hoping for the best for a deeply scarred industry and country. We hope to see as many restaurants, pubs, bars and other effected businesses as possible on the flip side.

We would love your support and would urge you to shop local, support small businesses and together we can get through this.

Thanks for reading, more jibber jabber soon.