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How To Give An Ethical Hamper

Does it help you sleep at night? In the below ramblings we will take you through what makes an ethical hamper, and more specifically what makes our hamper an ethical hamper. In answer to the second question yes, yes it does. Although that may be the food and booze rather than your conscience.  Everybody knows that hampers are great, especially when they are packed with style & attention to detail. But typically not much notice is given to our impact on the environment, we are determined to help minimise the wastefulness of gift-giving and make every celebration ethical and environment-friendly. SUSTAINABLE At Circa, we do things a little differently. We don’t send out wicker baskets, but instead, more for you...

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A Cheeky Infusion Or Two?

"Here's to alcohol, the rose coloured glasses of life." ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald  One of the maiden voyages of the Circa Covid think tank is the launch of our ethical hampers and more specifically what to put in them? We have put a big emphasis on having a homemade element to our hampers. Booze is no different and seems as a good a place to start as any. We have been making ‘house infusions’ for a few years now, and hope that we have got pretty good at it. It’s not all that complicated really, we take a good quality base spirit we want to infuse, and cram it full of what we want to infuse it with, then let...

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Yes, We Are Now Blogging!

So this is our first blog post….ever. Although the past few months have been extremely challenging for us as a business, they have, in a perverse way been exciting and stimulating at the same time. There is something about having to think on your feet that makes you more creative and willing to take risks. Decisions that you may have deliberated over and over, must be made speedily and with conviction. And if this shitty virus has taught us anything, it’s that we must find new ways to connect with our customers, hence this ramble. Adapt to survive and all that. Since being told to shut our doors on the 20th March, we were closed for 5 months, but we...

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